Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Balancing Act

In just three days I'll officially be a freelance writer. Again. In preparation for yet another round of life changes (do they ever really end?), I've been trying to remember all the mistakes I made the last time I tried my hand at the independent life.

A good friend who knows me all too well suggested not long ago that I reserve February to be a "Lady of Leisure." She threw down an ultimate challenge: Don't take any new work, don't schedule any meetings, don't set an agenda. Just be. For four weeks. See how it goes when your mind actually has a chance to find some peace.

So, next week I'm meeting with an editor to go over assignments I've already accepted, I'm helping to throw a Race with Purpose fund-raising party in New York, which will double as a time to kick-start our marketing plan on Saturday and meet with our Team Grant Advisory Committee after a 20K race in Connecticut on Sunday. Somehow in the course of scheduling time with friends in Pennsylvania mid-month, I was persuaded to be a guest speaker at a Penn State journalism class.

Have I mentioned what my triathlon training schedule looks like yet?

All of this is not to say that I'm not going to enjoy most--if not all--of it. But it is to say that I have learned that I am just no "Lady of Leisure." I'd love to be that lady. But I don't know how. I think I'm scared of not having any plans or something.

What exactly causes somebody to be such a complete spaz? If you have any theories, please, let me know.


Coach said...

Bob has a sign above the door in his office that reads "Being ordinary scares the hell out of me." He is also a shark, as am I. We constantly swim looking for the next meal, hunting for purpose. We are predators of complacency and drool at opportunities to experience life. Strangely, the balance for this is my running. It is where I am most completely present and engaged in life.

J said...

don't run from your demons, chase them down and kill them. It is only in the quiet that we can hear our heart.....beat.